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As Aleksen we manufacture and supply aluminum, handling line, die heater, log heat furnace, quench, die, hot shear, puller, stretcher, ageing oven, extrusion press, log, log loading system, billet, die ring, anodizing plant, scrap balling press, homogenizing oven, commissioning, installation, production, aluminum extrusion, hot saw, finish saw, conveyors, pullers, hot cutting saws, finish cutting saws, die oven, thermic ovens, conveyor, puller, hot cutting saw, finish cutting saw, die ovens, thermic oven, cutting saws, extrusions, extrusion lines, conveyor lines, aluminum extrusion lines, heat treatment furnaces, aluminum heat treatment furnaces, eloxal facilities, honing machines, aluminum slitter machines, shaping presses, homogen ovens, ingot conveyor machines, single pullers, double pullers, log cutting saws, tension lines, tenifer ovens, die heating ovens, cutting saw, extrusion, extrusion line, conveyor line, aluminum extrusion line, heat treatment furnace, aluminum heat treatment furnace, eloxal facility, honing machine, aluminum slitter machine, shaping press, homogen oven, ingot conveyor machine, single puller, double puller, log cutting saw, tension line, tenifer oven, die heating oven, furnace, furnaces, eloxal, honing, slitter, aluminum, aluminium, log cutting, tension, line, tenifer, salt bath... We transferred our 15 year experience in the sector to Aleksen Makine LTD. established in 2013. We give our services on 5000m2 area in Adana Haci Sabanci Industry Zone with 60 staff. Aleksen offers innovative service for production and installation of handling lines, pullers, die heating ovens, hot saws and finish saws to the aluminum sector with its dynamic engineering staff. Furthermore we offer innovative services on quality, economic, aesthetic and useful anodizing plant projects with experienced and professional engineering staff.



“Acıdere OSB Mah., Zafer Cad., 9A Merkez Köyü, Merkez Bucağı, Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey”

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“Sertel DİKMEN”


“+90 5057974088”

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